Six Sex-Slaves Rescued

The Freedom Firm team struggled to find Maya*, a minor girl forced into prostitution in the red-light area of Washim, Maharashtra. Located by investigators on the 25th, by the time the rest of the team arrived 3 days later, she was gone. Miraculously, investigators found her the next day, convinced the police that rescue was urgent and raided the brothel straight away.

We’re thrilled to report that on Wednesday, May 29th, Freedom Firm and local police rescued a total of 6 young women, including Maya. We suspect that 5 of the the women are over 18, but we will find out for sure once their age verification is completed. Not only were these six girls rescued, but two brothel keepers and one brothel owner were arrested for the crime of buying and selling human beings.

So what next? After their medical tests are finished, the girls will be taken to a government remand home, where they will be safe. Meanwhile, Freedom Firm social workers will travel to their respective homes to determine whether or not their families were complicit in their trafficking. If their homes are safe, the girls will eventually have the opportunity to return to their families.

We are hopeful that their rescue signals the beginning of a new life free from the bonds of slavery.

*Name changed to protect identity