On 26th May, Sugi*, a 16-17-year-old girl from Bangladesh was found in prostitution in Wani’s red-light district. Freedom Firm investigators reported that Sugi was in high demand as she is young and pretty. A rescue was planned for the same day but before the team reached the area the brothels were shut down. It was evident that there had been a tip-off.


Again, on 31st May, our investigators approached the Superintendent of Police after finding Sugi and her brothel keeper in the area. He immediately arranged a team of local police to initiate the rescue. Sugi was rescued that day with Chaya* and placed in safe custody. In her statement at the police station, she revealed that two weeks earlier she and Chaya were trafficked to India from Bangladesh on the pretext of a job and instead forced into prostitution. Chaya who is almost thirty also expressed a desire to leave the brothel.

Since their brothel keeper, Parveen Shaikh escaped during the rescue operation; a search warrant has been issued for her by the police. Sugi and Chaya are now at a government home in Nagpur where they will have a chance to recover.

victim room

*Names changed to protect identity