We were so glad for the opportunity to share our rescue, restoration and justice work with victims and survivors of sex trafficking with you.

Freedom Firm is on a mission to end the trafficking of minor girls sold into prostitution in India.

We are currently a team of 33. Headquartered in Ooty, we have our field offices in Pune, Nagpur, Ratlam, Allahabad, and Kolkata.

Rescuing these precious girls is incredibly rewarding but expensive!

Every contribution fuels our work. It helps us rescue more girls who are trapped in prostituiton, equip them with skills that will help them live independent lives and fight for justice ensuring their perpetrators are punished.

We would love if you would partner with us on this critical mission. There are several ways you can support us.

We would be happy to come to your school, college, office or group to talk more about the issue of minors being trafficked and sold into prostitution. Together we can stop this injustice and crime from spreading. Email contact@freedom.firm.in to start your journey with Freedom Firm.

Your presence made this evening extra special – highlight of the high tea