The local police in Nagpur alerted our staff that an application was filed in the district court to gain custody of the three girls that were recently rescued by Freedom Firm. The application was filed even before the medical report on age verification was released, a clear breach of official protocols. In addition, the police said that the court was waiting to hear our response to this violation. With this surprising invitation, we quickly prepared a response and submitted it this week. Our response stated that Home Investigation Reports (HIRs) and medical verification tests need to be conducted before a custody application is considered. We are encouraged that the police are seeking our advice in matters of custody after long and heartbreaking years when the girls we rescued were automatically released back to their perpetrators. This is a major breakthrough, the system is beginning to change, and we hope the new levels of cooperation will set future precedents. We hope to get a court order to conduct Home Investigation Reports (HIRs) in the homes and villages of the three rescued girls. After the HIRs are complete, we will apply for permission to meet the girls in Karuna Home, a government shelter home in Nagpur which has refused to grant us access since March. Read more about the Karuna Home closure.