It is almost the end of the calendar year. A good time for me to look back and reminisce on the happenings in the world and in my world at Freedom Firm. The world at large was filled with violence, injustice, wrongdoing, destruction, strife and conflict with no end or resolution in sight . In my world, though I got to witness a few resolutions to issues we were facing, there was injustice, violence and wrongdoing against children and young women trafficked and sold into a life of untold and unsung misery. The question I ask myself as I look back is if the little drops of water we have in the cup we hold in our hand will ever make a mighty ocean.

Freedom Firm programme associates (individials heading each region) and heads of the support work meet every month for a detailed review of the program and to ensure the correct allocation and utilisation of funds. We also meet twice a year to look critically at various aspects of our work, it’s effectiveness and relevance to the issue we are battling. Additionally, all staff meet once a year at the annual staff retreat. While sessions led by external resource people offer new personal and professional insights to staff, sessions led by the team re-emphaise our role in Freedom Firm, what each team does at Freedom Firm and it’s relevance to our mission. In all these meetings we raise this question, is our work worth its while?

There has always been only one conclusion. We are not talking about drops of an object (even water as life giving as it is), we are talking about human beings. What is the value of each of these young ones we have seen or heard about? Each individual is INVALUABLE. Their lives count. We who have seen them and you who have heard about them have a responsibility to provide each of them the opportunity to explore and realize the incredible value and potential within them and to rise to that potential.

As we celebrated Christmas and prepare to usher in a NEW YEAR, I am reminded that these celebrations are about looking at a hopeless world through the lens of hope. Working towards seemingly hopeless situations with the solutions shot with the lens of hope and developed in the medium of life in all its fullness. Challenging? Yes but as Henry Ford reminds us “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”

Catherine Raja, National Director