As I key in my piece for the newsletter,   I am reminded of my myriad travels across India at different seasons.  The most memorable and cherished moments are the cups of cold water offered to me during my summer visits. I don’t remember the cup, the quality of water, or anything about the place; but the face of the person offering the water and the satisfying feeling as the first sip of cold water travelled down my parched throat.

There is nothing remarkable or beautiful about many of the places that we work in; where our beneficiaries or as we like to call them ‘our girls’ live.  For us, the beauty lies in the faces of our girls, in the cups of cold water we give them.

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It has been over two months that our teams across India have been working from home. Our efforts to provide emergency relief to women trapped in red light areas and to survivors and their families may have seemed small and insignificant and unconnected to our mission of providing rescue, restoration, and justice to victims to sex trafficking but we are thankful for the difference we made to that person’s life.

In the course of my work, I have performed countless insignificant tasks;  signing vouchers, preparing expense sheets, remembering to bill costs that would have been easier for me to pay from my pocket… It has been a conscious effort to connect these tasks and the mission of the organisation.  The big investments and immediate impact rescue always make sense, encourage, and give us a high. It is the small details that are not celebrated but equally important.

Today I celebrate each donor who has continued to support our mission in big and small ways. I cheer each Freedom Firm team member for being faithful and keeping their eyes ever on the goal to provide rescue, restoration, and justice for victims and performing big or small tasks with the same commitment while maintaining the dignity of our girls.

The cups of cold water you have offered will not go in vain.

National Director, Catherine Raja