Freedom Firm’s investigation team found Sumi, approximately 16-17 years old, from West Bengal, in Pune’s red light area last week. The team along with local police officials conducted a rescue operation on the brothel on 19th May. The police were quick to identify the brothel and rescued Sumi and two other girls: Esha and Jyoti, who were found in the brothel lobby. The police rescued them as the girls looked like minors and were forced into prostitution. Sumi and Esha told our social workers after the raid that before they were brought to Pune, they were forced to prostitute in Delhi’s red-light area.

The house owner and the brothel keeper were arrested, and a criminal complaint was filed against them under sections of the POSCO (The Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act) ITPA (Immoral Trafficking Prevention Act) and IPC (Indian Penal Code).

The girls are now in a government shelter home where they will be counselled and followed up with by Freedom Firm’s aftercare team.