How can today’s youth be involved in Freedom Firm’s mission and why their involvement is important?


“The global sex trade is the fastest growing form of commerce”, states the UNO.

Mounting concern over the trafficking of minors and adolescent girls in South Asia, Freedom Firm’s mission, has dealt with this type of organized crime through a three-pronged path of Rescue, Restore and Justice to these victims of fear, limited knowledge, and poverty.

In view of the growing magnitude of the problem, it is vital to have the youth of this digital age engaged in awareness and discussion, so they can inculcate moral values, gain hands-on experience, gain skills in career counseling, and understand the implication of legal measures. The fruit will be evident in the numbers, and the new reality that teaches them how to enjoy community work, raise funds and enthusiastically hold out an eager hand to join and support the noble mission of Freedom Firm – to develop and implement social-cultural, and economic interventions necessary to rehabilitate survivors and gently steer them back into mainline society.

After all “The destiny of India is shaped in her classrooms”. Kothari Commission.

So who better than the youth of today to achieve this goal!

Freedom Firm Trustee – Mrs. Pamela Clark