On 13th December we received a lead about a minor who was being forced into prostitution in a lodge at a crowded market in North 24 Parganas, West Bengal.  On the 14th, after collecting all the information we had on the minor, we went to the police station to meet the Additional Superintendent of Police, SP. We were told that he was busy and to return on the 27th December (almost 2 weeks later!) The next day we went to the police station again but decided to meet the Superintendent of Police instead. After a brief discussion, the rescue operation was fixed on 21st December (a whole week away!)

Our team continued to meet and discussed various rescue strategies. On 21st December we were ready for the rescue operation.  We went to the local police station, the one closest to the victim’s location to meet the police. The inspector-in-charge asked us to wait and indicated that he did not want to do the rescue that day. He then got on a call with the SP, the same officer we spoke to the week before. After 15 minutes the inspector called us back in and we started to discuss the rescue operation.

At 12:20 pm we learned that the pimp who was also the trafficker and victim were at the location.  At 1 pm the brothel was raided by the police and together we rescued one minor girl and a forced major. The police arrested two people from the brothel (later that evening,) arrested the owner of the lodge from his house.   Liquor bottles, condoms, the customer register and other records were collected as evidence from the lodge. After the initial reports were filed, the victims,  accused, the police and our team proceeded back to the police station. 

After the First Information Report was filed, we accompanied the victims for a medical test.  They were placed in a shelter home after that.  The accused were placed in police custody. 

The next morning both victims were produced in court where they shared their 164 statements ( (a voluntary statement in which the victim shares her experience at the brothel and names of the accused. ) Naureen the 13 year old victim shared her statement in front of a judge, a special provision for minors, and Rasi, who was 24 years old,  shared her statement in a courtroom.  Both victims were escorted back to the shelter home from the court.