Early Septemer while we were getting ready to rescue a minor victim from New Town, we learned about another minor getting  sexually exploited at a private brothel in Maheshtala, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal. 

On 7th September we met the Superintendint of Police, SP,  at  Diamond Harbour to get him to initiate a raid.  The SP was not in the office.

 After rescuing two victims from New  Town on 11th September we were back in his office on 14th Septmeber. We waited for him the entire day and even tried him on his mobile phone. We finally connected with him on his phone and he immediately connected us with the police in Maheshtala, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal. 

On 18th September as per the direction of the SP, we met the Officer in Charge, OC,  of the Diamond Harbour Police District Control Room and the Inspector in Charge, IC,  of Maheshtala Police Station. We wanted to plan the rescue within the next few days but were waiting on some critical information.

On 21st September we learned that the victim was back in the brothel. At 1:55 pm we were at the police station with the IC. We discussed rescue strategies. 

At 4:25 pm the police and our team raided the brothel. We rescued a minor victim and a forced victim from the brothel.  The police arrested a 27 year old customer and a 30 year old female brothel keeper. 

The police collected evidence from the brothel; 1200 condoms, money, a  mobile phone… the police then sealed the brothel. The victims, the accused and our team proceeded to the police station.  After the victims filed their statements,  we accompanied them for their medical tests and then to the shelter home. The accused were kept in police custody.