After far too long, the court has passed orders which we believe will result in Varsha’s* transfer to a very good and safe shelter home in Mumbai.

Freedom Firm rescued Varsha in June 2011. Due to the systemic failures which Freedom Firm encountered at that time, Varsha was released and retrafficked. Fortunately, Freedom Firm’s team was able to rescue her again in 2013. At that time she indicated that she did not want to be in the prostitution business. We were thrilled to be able to advocate for her. We didn’t realize it would be another 2 years of continuous effort and at times painful difficulty to get the orders we sought on her behalf. We hope to share more of that story in a subsequent report.

Now, we are so happy that Varsha is nearly transferred. Please continue to pray that her orders for transfer would be carried out as soon as possible and she would be on the road to a new life.

*Name changed to protect identity