Today Freedom Firm organized an Human Trafficking Awareness program in Lakadganj Police Station Conference Hall in Nagpur. With World Day Against Trafficking in Persons as the backdrop , each speaker threw light about the forms and causes of human trafficking, the impact and trauma on the victim, provisions of the law and stringent punishment for criminals.

In attendance were members of the police, Child Welfare Committee, Ms Aradhana Upadhyaym Director of CNI Social Service institute, who was also the Chief Guest, Advocate Ruchali Rathod and a few key members from other social organizations. When addressing the gathering, Ms Upadhyaym explained the training and skills required for rehabilitation, employment opportunities, and entrepreneurship. We were encouraged when she promised that CNI Social Service institute would provide assistance to us in the future.

We are extremly thankul to any and every platform we get to create awareness about human trafficking and our rescue, restoration and justice work with victims and survivors of sex trafficking in India.